Campaign Format

This online campaign will be hosted over Skype and a virtual table I have yet to decide on.
I would have gone with AIM VoIP, but due to some of it’s technical issues, I am switching to Skype.
As for the map to use, it’s a toss up between MapTools, GameTable, and possibly Fantasy Grounds 2.
Will work with players on how to implement D&D Fortune Cards in the actual game.

Allowed Books:
Any Official WotC 4e published rules (Books and Magazines), as well as stuff from Gamma World 2010.
3rd Party and Fan material to be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Outside of Wednesday nights and Friday mornings, I’ll be willing to work scheduling out as needed.

This will be hosted in a style similar to the D&D 4e Encounters format, however I will try to incorporate quests and skill challenges as well as place more emphasis on roleplaying.

Campaign Format

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